Why Kids Love


Featuring music they’ll love and exercise techniques they want to master, this is studio fitness at its finest. It’s updated regularly so those in class can be sure they’re always working out with the latest moves and music.


They will gain strength from exercising in a group and feel motivated to work harder each time. This means getting the results they want – fast.


Combining martial arts, sports conditioning, dance, and yoga these classes will help keep them fit, healthy and mentally energized. So they are set to tackle everyday life.


There is no competition, tests, recitals or assessments.  They can do this for fun and fitness with their friends.

Supporting Their Minds And Bodies

Foundational Fitness For All Ages

4 - 5yrs

6 - 7yrs

8 - 12yrs

For The Teens

Who Are These Programs For?

  • Regular kids
  • Kids who don’t want to commit to team sports
  • Kids who feel out of place within a competitive environment
  • Groups of friends who want to do a fun activity together
  • Athletes & non-athletes
  • Dancers & non-dancers
  • Perfect for those who want to get moving, care about their body

Born To Move can be given as a class during school or as part of a before and after-school program.

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87% students view the classes as a positive challenge.

Get To Know Your Trainer

Meet Anna

I am passionate about providing children and teenagers with everything that is absolutely best and essential for their development.

All kids need to exercise, want to be included and enjoy the fun of movement.

At the same time, athletic children can enjoy dance and martial arts routines without the need to commit to recitals and spars, while dancers could benefit from learning a few new martial arts move and hip hop moves.

Hence come my passion for offering a fun-based, non-competitive program to teenagers, especially girls.

Fun Fit Kids AnnaM_001


  • Primary school teacher
  • Montessori primary school teacher
  • Bachelor in Teaching and Linguistics
  • Master of Educational Leadership (Charles Sturt University)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Educational Research (Charles Sturt University)
  • Group Fitness Trainer (registered with Fitness Australia 083613)
  • LesMills Body Pump Certified Trainer
  • LesMills Born to Move Certified Trainer

I have also lived and worked in many countries (Australia, Russia, Bangladesh, India, UAE, Papua New Guinea)


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Classes Located In Indooroopilly, Brisbane, QLD

Born To Move Classes for all age groups are booked and paid for through the MindBody App.

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100% of parents surveyed stated that they would continue to send their children to classes and that they would recommend the program to other parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

BORN TO MOVE caters for any child between the ages of 2-16 years. Each of the age-specific classes feature age-appropriate moves and music that have been tested with young people and are designed to help create positive physical habits.

Every BORN TO MOVE class is refreshed regularly with new music and choreography. All BORN TO MOVE teachers have a bag of tricks designed to maintain interest and engagement.

BORN TO MOVE has been created specifically for young people. While it draws on Les Mills’ expertise in fitness and motivation, it offers young people an experience based on their developmental needs. Classes combine inspiration and motivation with fun movements and the power of young people’s imagination. The music and moves for the classes have been extensively tested by young people.

BORN TO MOVE is a result of five years’ research, development and testing and is supported by a comprehensive teacher training system. Each class is carefully crafted to safely meet the unique developmental needs of that age group and draws on the latest developmental research. Of course, your child won’t notice – they’ll be too busy having fun.

The classes have been reviewed for safety and use age-appropriate moves that cater to a wide range of abilities. Facilities that licence BORN TO MOVE are required to meet country-specific guidelines and regulations.

BORN TO MOVE is available to all facilities that want to cater to children. Licensing BORN TO MOVE is like licensing a regular LES MILLS group fitness program. To ensure BORN TO MOVE creates an enjoyable, safe environment for young people and their parents, there is an increased level of support from Les Mills.

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We’re committed to helping people fall in love with fitness and we’re passionate about improving the next generation’s quality of life. This means establishing healthy patterns and instilling in young people the importance of keeping active throughout life.

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